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Apr. 12th, 2009


(no subject)

Oh hai lj, how you doing?

Sorry everyone, I've been abusing twitter, not like you missed me and my
pointless bloggin.

Aug. 28th, 2008


Writer's Block: You and A Fictional Character of Your Choice

If you were stranded on an island with a fictional character, who would it be and why?
The Doctor.
Because then I know we won't be stranded for long.

Aug. 12th, 2008


Writer's Block: A Posthumous Oscar for Joker?

Do you think Heath Ledger deserves the Oscar for his role in the Dark Knight?
The Joker deserves a goddamn Oscar

Aug. 5th, 2008


Duela Dent is Epic Win

Real name: Duela Dent

Alter Ego: Joker's Daughter, Catgirl, Scarecrone, Riddler's Daughter, Penguin's Daughter, Harlequin, and Card Queen


Occupation: Student of a New York Arts college, Adventurer, Hero
Martial Status: In a Relationship
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States
Group Affiliation(s): Teen Titans (Previous), Outsiders


Place of Birth: Gotham City, Earth-3
Known Relatives: Three-Face, Jokester


Duela Dent first appeared as Joker's Daughter in the Batman Family. She then gained the attention of Robin as she later claimed to be the daughter of Catwoman, Scarecrow, Riddler, and Penguin. She found out Robin's identity and he revealed her identity as that of Duela Dent, Two-Face's daughter.

Duela claimed she wanted to join the Teen Titans to make up for her father's crimes. Not everyone was for this idea. She soon changed her identity to Harlequin. As Harlequin, Duela utilized gimmicks such as smoke-cloud inducing powder puffs and bullet-firing lipstick.

Her last Pre-Crisis appearance was as a guest at Donna Troy's wedding. She was retconned as being too old to ever have been the daughter of Two-Face. Before the identity of her actual father can be found out, she disappears.


Delusional and schizophrenic, the mysterious Harlequin has been in and out mental institutions for several years. An acrobat who possesses numerous "clown-motif" gadgets, she has been called Duela Dent, but her true identity remains unknown.
Her first significant Post-Crisis appearance was in the Team Titans as a patient in a mental hospital.

Harlequin next aided the Titans during the Technis Imperative, when Cyborg's automated system sought out all Titans allies, past and present. Although she was still in a mental institution at the time, Duela was rescued by Cyborg and helped battle the Justice League for Cyborg's soul. Following this she made a brief appearance in a bar , insisting to anyone who would listen that the Titans would soon be contacting her about membership. She also claimed she was the daughter of Doomsday.

Duela's next appearance would be in a backup story in which Gar's obnoxious cousin Matt decided to hold a membership drive for the new version of Teen Titans West, "Titans L.A." Harlequin crashed the official meeting-turned-party with a small group of villains, including Beast Boy's enemies Fear and Loathing, simply because she hadn't been invited. Flamebird and Terra defeated her and returned her to The Helping House Mental Institution in Industry, California.

No explanation was given as to where she found the dangerous villains that aided her party-crashing.

In a short story, Duela is inexplicably socializing with several villains on their secret satellite headquarters. In this short back-up tale, Duela makes a handful of wild claims as to her parentage, all of which are dismissed by the non-plussed villains. The only new wrinkle added to her tale in this story was a claim that she had been resucitated by the Lazarus Pit and, most interestingly, that her mother may actually be the villainous parent she has always claimed.

Duela returned to action alongside almost every former Titans member against Dr. Light. She also returned to help fight Superboy-Prime.

One Year Later

One Year Later, it was mentioned that both the Joker's Daughter and the Riddler's Daughter were members during the lost year gap. Currently, she is a member of the splinter group Titans East.
Miss Martian and Cyborg arrive at Belle Reve prison to question their former team mate Bombshell, who was had been revealed as a traitor. Risk and Batgirl arrive, and Batgirl murders Bombshell by slitting her throat with a razor sharp batarang. Then Duela and Enigma cut the prison's power supply, which allows the inmates to escape and attack Miss Martian and Cyborg.

During the attack, Enigma implies the duo may be sisters when she comments to Duela: "Wait'll dear old daddy gets a load of us!'. The two then have Raven chained down in a room full of mirrors, torturing her psychologically.

Recently Duela attempted to capture Tracey Angel, popstar and actress. She revelaed she was from another world, then was killed by a Monitor. Duela survived the attack is in slightly unsure why. Something clicked in her head when she was attacked. She has changed her look to be less clown like and similar to Harley Quinn. Her hair was dyed blonde and she removed all makeup.

Duela's orgin went on going, finally completed in an issue of Countdown. Though, still unclear to the world how she was still alive...

Apparently, when a the original "Duela Dent" died of old age, in which people figured she was faking, Duela from another universe came here with her boyfriend Talon and took on the identity. It wasn't too long after that ANOTHER Duela, again from another universe, threatened to kill Duela. Surrendering, Duela allowed this other Joker's Daughter/Harlequin to replace her for the time being.

This was when any extra Duelas were killed.

The Youngest of Duelas, or known as the second Joker's Daughter was the only one to survive, for the one who replaced her was killed by a monitor. It was unsafe for all from other universes, Duela was meddling in a universe that was not her's.

Besides that, her orgin is on going.

Most recently, Duela wanted the Duela Dent mantle to be destroyed. Feeling like an outsider, even though she had yet to prove herself. She robbed a bank, and killed a citizen. Finally, once the cops showed up, she went over the edge and tried to kill them too. The consequence, she was shot. She fell to the ground, and Duela Dent was expected dead.

Think again.

Duela Dent had faked her death mysteriously once again. Whether it was the actual Duela or not, nobody would ever know. A shapeshifter possibly? Either way, she was going to start off with a clean slate.

Split was Duela's new identity, she played her part as a hero, permanently. Going by Valeria Tenset, Duela Dent is expected dead. Little has been known about her new identity, and she has yet to socialize with many heroes or villains. Duela would never tell her secret, for she never wanted to be an outsider again.

Duela would only have this new identity for a short while, then going completely insane. She was invited to the Outsiders by Connor Hawke, after her joining she kept a low profile outside of her Outsider missions.


Age: 20
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 120 pounds
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Light Brown, red, green, purple, other colors.
Unusual Features: Pale skin, wide mouth, different colored hair colors.
Personality: Let's face it, folks, Duela is simply insane. She has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, with elements of delusion and bipolar disorder. The primary focus of Duela's insanity is her parentage: she frequently believes herself to be the daughter of one super villain or another, nearly a dozen over the years, but none of these have proven to be true when more thoroughly investigated. These delusions almost always affect Duelas sense of self, altering her behavior in subtle ways; she remains Duela, but is sometimes changed in the manner of a character actor stuck in a role. She is also, generally, overly energetic and somewhat manic in terms of her behavior, almost seeming childlike at times. Duela has no clear memory of her life before believing herself t be Two-Faces daughter and this often causes other problems.

Frustration from her lack of parental memory and the damage that causes to her sense of self sometimes produces symptoms of depression in Duela, exaggerating any feelings of jealousy or self-pity that she may be feeling at the time. One case in point would be Duela's 'rampage' at a recent Titans L.A. party: feelings of jealousy and frustration, likely stemming from her years of relative obscurity, drove Duela to crash the party in a less than fully controlled fashion.

Duela's most obvious personality trait is her mischievous, zany personality. She can be every inch the flippant jokester, grinning and laughing her way through life. The smiles are a shield, though, for those times when Duela's life would be just too scary or too depressing to deal with; why cry when you can prank somebody or simply go out and -make- yourself have fun?

Maybe its a form of mad genius, maybe its just madness hold the genius, but Duela has always been good at thinking on her feet; sometimes it isn't even thinking, simply reacting to a situation. Whatever comes up, Duela has never been one to freeze in the middle of action: she'll always do -something- and that may be reasonable and obvious or so off-the-wall that nobody was expecting it, not even Duela.

Duela has always been one to recognize opportunities in any given situation, be it in combat or when pulling off a caper. Often times the resulting plans fall into the just crazy enough to work category, but Duela can usually come up with something even if her idea seems to make no rational sense at the time: she did decide to pose as a series of criminals to get Robins attention and get him to sponsor her for membership in the Titans, after all.

Duela never- seems to tell the truth, the whole truth, and certainly nothing but the truth. Part of this has to do with her delusions about her past, much of the time she simply doesnt remember things the way they actually happened shes sometimes quite close, but theres almost always a little something off. Another aspect is Duelas tendency to over dramatize events, making things sound more interesting and important than they may have actually been. (Thank Comet for the help!)


Known Powers: none
Known Abilities:

  • Acute Balance : As an accomplished acrobat in her own right, Duela's sense of balance and body position is highly developed. She very rarely becomes unbalanced even during a complicated, or silly, maneuver and almost always lands well. In practice, the only way to cause Duela to trip or fall is to knock her over yourself, give her some sort of inner ear problem or to do something unforeseen to her just as she's landing.

  • Athletic: Duela's training has focused on a balanced body: strong yet flexible, avoiding both excess fat and muscle mass. She principally trains by running, engaging in acrobatic routines and complimenting with free weights, aerobics and swimming either as needed or as the whim takes her.

  • Inventive: Duela is a very inventive young woman, possessing a mad sort of genius which allows her to concoct almost anything that her present delusion requires (within the bounds of her technical expertise). Perhaps Duelas most telling trait is that she has been able to invent variations of her various parental figures arsenals, including those elements that had been believed known only to the villains in question (such as her Giggle Gas, a variation on the Jokers Laughing Gas, and her Fear #5 perfume which closely resembles the effects of the Scarecrows own Fear Gas). Duelas inventive nature almost forces her to come up with new and different gimmicks for her crime fighting career, tinkering with new ideas in those rare moments of boredom that seem to creep into her life when no-one else is looking.

  • Acrobats: Duela has, since first appearing on the scene, been an accomplished acrobat, ranking just below the Robin of her day; since then she has improved but has along since been outstripped. Duela is quick and agile with a keen sense of body position that serves her well in complex maneuvers and while swinging about like a maniac.

  • Martial Arts: For many years Duela was an old-school fighter, a strong right-cross supplementing her arsenal of gadgets. Recently, however, she has taken up the study of Tae Kwon Do and Karate, adding their discipline to her previous brawling style. Taken all together Duelas hand to hand skills are impressive from a mundane standpoint and are more than capable of handing the odd street tough.

  • Throw Weapons: Various types of thrown weapons are a mainstay in Duelas arsenal, therefore she has trained with them all and thats rather an eclectic mix; from Diamond Blades to Flying Discs, she has become proficient with them all. While hardly one of the worlds best throwing markswomen, Duela has become sufficiently skilled to handle her weapons array at close ranges.

  • Thief: Duela is an accomplished thief, principally as a cat-burglar (mustve been that little stint as Catgirl). While not amongst the worlds best, she is certainly capable of handling most mundane jobs and, with sufficient preparation, more complex capers if needed.

    Duela is a relatively skilled lock pick, capable of handing most mundane locks, electronic and otherwise, but quickly falls out of her depth when working on truly cutting edge systems. Duelas skill is best compared to a talented modern lockpick with a bit of experience under his or her belt.

    Duela has made a hobby out of the art of legerdemain and its associated skills of palming small objects and lifting said objects from the person of another. She is, in some senses, a rather talented beginner

  • Detective: Duela is deceptively talented in the area of criminology, taking unusual routes to finding the truth that many detectives would simply stare at her blankly over. While not a legendary detective like the Batman or even on par (anymore) with her old friend Nightwing, Duela is a capable sleuth when she gets her mind set on a particularly appealing case.

  • Disguise: Duela is very good at disguises, having concocted one disguise after another in her various costumed identities over the years. Some of these guises have been quite advanced, involving fully realistic masks and similar prosthetics (although the Penguins Daughters nose is questionable at best). If she puts her mind to it Duela can reasonably disguise herself as almost anyone of her general size and build, significant reductions of height and weight being beyond the scope of masks, makeup and costume. She is not quite, however, as skilled in this area as the Batman himself and she could only fool him from a distance.

  • Actress: Duela is a natural character actress: she can easily slip into almost any imaginable role, in fact her problem is sometimes getting back out of it. When Duela plays a role she truly gets into it, almost becoming a different person in the process; this level of realism comes through in her portrayal and can be very convincing. The only thing that usually mars Duelas acting skill is boredom, when it isnt fun anymore she tends to slip away from her role and towards something more entertaining to her.

  • Bluff: Duela is a very good liar, in the sense that she often believes her own fabrications and that note of reality carries through. She can say almost anything with a straight face, well as straight as her face gets at any given moment, and can be very believable in the process. The one thing that tends to mars Duelas fabrication is her tendency to embellish, to make things sound more impressive than they truly are.

Strength Level: Duela Dent is very acrobatic and has some major flexibility, as for her strength, similar to an average human.

  • Insanity: Duela has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder with elements of delusion and bipolar disorder. The primary component of Duela's insanity is her set of frequent parental delusions: she has believed herself to be the child or nearly a dozen super villains over the past several years and simply isn't sure who she is at any other time. Duela's most frequent delusion is that she is the daughter of Harvey and Gilda Dent, born before her 'father' became Two-Face, and named Duela because Harvey had wanted twins. Each parental delusion tends to shape Duela's self-image, not truly a split personality but each new costumed identity is distinct unto itself in the manner of a character actor and can be difficult to 'set aside' at times. Another aspect is Duelas overly energetic and manic personality, this can sometimes cause social problems. Duela is presently taking anti-psychotic medication to keep her insanity to a manageable level, but even under its influence she can be rather unbalanced

  • Depression: Frustration over her mental condition can sometimes produce symptoms of depression in Duela, mostly exaggerating existing feelings of jealousy or self-pity. In this state she may have feelings of inadequacy, anger or experience delusions based on her fears. These can be quite distracting given that Duela's usual reaction to such feelings is to either behave in a more unbalanced fashion or shift delusions again.

  • Pathological Liar: Duela never- seems to tell the truth, the whole truth, and certainly nothing but the truth. Part of this has to do with her delusions about her past, much of the time she simply doesnt remember things the way they actually happened shes sometimes quite close, but theres almost always a little something off. Another aspect is Duelas tendency to over dramatize events, making things sound more interesting and important than they may have actually been.

  • Human: Duela is a human and has all the natural vulnerabilities that humans possess, from bullets, knives, swords, sickness, disease, and poisons.



  • Bubble Gum: One of Duelas most unusual weapons, as if the rest of her arsenal could be called conventional, is her bubblegum thats right, her bubblegum. Generally disguised as strawberry flavored bubblegum this concoction is quite stretchy and incredibly sticky. When used the gum forms a ridiculously large bubble which then bursts all over the target or target area (at a range of no more than six feet), coating the target with incredibly sticky gum capable of holding several burly humans at a time.

  • Duela's Closet: As Split, Duela's theme for the identity is to confuse villains when not in the original costume. This could mean dressing up as Batgirl, The Question, Wonder Woman, ect. This is mainly used against villains to distractor confuse villains, possilby heroes in her near future.

  • Common Pistol- Duela has very little access to weapons, she kept nothing but her bubble game from her old bag of tricks, or society would easily pick up that she is Duela Dent. One thing that Duela always has in her pocket, a common pistol that usually contains little ammo. The item is primarily for protection when her Martial arts aren't enough for a challenge.

  • Roller Skates: One of Duelas most frequently uses gimmicks is her rocket propelled, magnetically charged set of concealed roller skates. Built into the soles of nearly all of Duelas footwear, these skates allow her to keep up with speeding city traffic and to run up and down any wall or barrier that has enough ferrous metal in its construction. The skates have a run time of about one hour per battery pack.

  • Bubble Pipe: Duelas most frequent weapon, both as the Jokers Daughter and as The Harlequin has been her bubble pipe and jars of various trick soap bubble concoctions. These bubbles have ranged in effect from generating a clinging smokescreen to powerful adhesives (capable of holding several brutish men at a time) to the ever-popular Super Pop(tm) explosive bubbles, which were capable of bringing down a museum ceiling.

  • Gases: Duela has uses a number of gasses in her arsenal over the years; Cat-Nap brand knockout gas, smokescreens, even a variant of the Scarecrows very own fear gas (her Fear #5 perfume). All of these materials have proven capable of downing even robust normals, rendering them unconscious for various periods of time (usually measured in hours) or, in the case of Fear #5, sending them off in a blind panic for several minutes. These gasses can be delivered in a variety of ways: from the usual sprayers, to special whoopee cushions or even from Duelas patent pending Powder Puff (often used to create smokescreens).

  • Rocket Hands: Without a doubt the- most bizarre weapons in Duelas arsenal are her rocket launched, prosthetic hands. Normally these are only worn in guises that have sleeves to conceal her real hands in. The prosthetics have Duelas full dexterity while connected and her full grasping strength. When fired the prosthetic hands can travel for up to one hundred yards on a ballistic trajectory and can be used to punch or grab items at any point along their flight path. The prosthetic hands are not guided, at present, and so cannot perform more complex tasks.

Transportation: Baby blue (modern) volkswagen
Weapons: (See Equipment)

And just an extra thing, here's a Guess Who


I love Oh No They Didn't!

Jul. 4th, 2008


People of Brisbane: the Dark Knight

Because people are fail at reading their e-mails, I'm hoping this will work better.

Early screening of the Dark Knight on the 14th of July ay Indooroopilly.
here for the details.

Yes you need a myspace, so then you can RSVP. RSVPS start in two days btw.

I am going, no questions about it, just wanting to know if anyone else cares to go.

If you are, then let me know.

Also if your inbox says that there's a new message in it, fucking look at it. -_-
I sent some people an e-mail a few days ago, so far only two people have replied.
And I'm getting rather annoyed, cause it's about something that might be happening tomorrow.

Jul. 2nd, 2008


Taking over the world, one step at a time.

Goddamnit to you all really believe that I am incapable of human emotion?
Wait... don't answer that.

I had a break through today, in the plots and plans in taking over Russia...

When I take over the world/Russia I'm going to need a side kick.

And that side kick will be...

A mini pig!

Kinda like Zims mini moose, or bee. But then Jhonen Vasquez would hate me.

They're so cute ^_^ And kinda ugly at the same time.
But really, it's a brilliant way to confuse your enemies, and they can fit in your pocket. =]

I don't even like pigs to tell you the truth.
Which would make them a ever better side kick!

And woot I got a new doll today, I named her Wednesday.

Btw there's this new movie out called The Orphanage, it looks really good. Who wants to go see it with me?

Jul. 1st, 2008


(no subject)

Friends suck.
Okay, so they will help you steal a car and drive you to the docks to dump the body of that guy you shot in Reno just to want him die. 
But when it comes to cleaning the blood out of your carpet it's a completely different story. 

Jun. 22nd, 2008


Does anything amaze you?


Not that much amazes me anymore. Only the things too far from reach.

Jun. 20th, 2008


(no subject)

String Quartet album download links! Just a few links of bands that I think people will like, idk.

My Chemical Romance

Fall Out Boy


Bon Jovi 

Blink 182


the Used

Panic! At The Disco

the Killers

the Smashing Pumpkins

That's all I can find for now, but if you want to you can use your own Google skillz!

I love the Fall Out Boy one to death. Homesick At Space Camp owns. It's making me smile like crazy.

May. 7th, 2008


Random Song of the Day

All That I've Got - the Used

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